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External Rendering

Roughcasting Services

we offer all aspects of external roughcasting work with both traditional render and innovative render systems as there are more cons than pro’s with conventional sand and cement.

Traditionally in construction, render was made up of a simple sand and cement mix which was applied to substrates such as brick and block work to assist with waterproofing and to offer a more decorative external finish to homes and commercial properties. The trouble is, by today’s standards, they not only look ‘out-dated’, and they are also technologically inferior to modern systems and lower both aesthetic appeal and the value of your home.

Advancements in technology mean that traditional renders have come a long way and so too have external cladding and insulation systems. With the addition of specialist additives to the base materials, such as polymers, silicones, acrylics, aggregate reinforcements and anti-crack fibres, renders are a perfect, cost effective solution for a variety of external wall applications and can be applied either directly to the substrate, or alternatively applied as the final finish on an external wall insulation system

Types of Rendering

Sand & cement Dry Dash

Although pleasing to the eye, is now more common in Local Authority refurbishment and regeneration projects (like the one above) rather than New Build. The final aesthetic appearance of any dash project can vary enormously depending on the colour of the dashing mortar chosen in conjunction with a complimentary aggregate.
A Dry Dash Finish can be used on full elevations or can be used together with other finishes, such as brick effect render, ashlar detailing or brick slip. Dry dash is ideal for use on both render only projects and as a final finish for external wall insulation systems.

K-rend – Scotrend -& Stone pack Dry Dash Finishes can be used on full elevations or can be used together with other finishes,

Wet Dash

Similar to dry dash except the top coat of aggregate is mixed with mortar to give a more durable finish more commonly found on coastal buildings and areas which are open to the elements due to its strength and durability the finish is more uniformed in colour than dry dash
the dash its self is usually hand applied using either traditional sand and cement – sand and lime which can be lime washed to a colour of the clients choice also available in polymers, silicones and acrylics

Monocouche External Rendering

External Rendering Technology for water resistance that works.k-rend colour chart
Extensive range of colours, the longest lasting render finish available. Monocouche is a specialist one coat colour render you can apply to the exterior of a house. Once applied you will never have to paint the exterior of your property again, it is crack, weather, sea air resistant. The Scotrend & Stonepack Rendering Systems are designed principally for weatherproofing external vertical concrete block or brick masonry walls, but can also be used for external or internal decorative renders. We can both hand and machine applied as recommended.

Advantages of using Machine Rendering/Plastering

Faster Project Turnaround.

As with internal projection, by applying external render with a plastering machine, a faster project turnaround is assured. The rendering stage is completed much sooner than conventional hand application with site mix render, enabling the project to move towards completion at optimum speed. Approximately 3 times faster.
Water Repellency. Our external rendering product range in use incorporates silicone water repellents as an integral part of the cement based render system. This technology imparts a high degree of water repellency to the render surface whilst allowing water vapour to pass through the render and let the substrate breathe.

Lower Maintenance.

The water-repellent surface ensures a freshly rendered appearance for a prolonged period. This finish is drier and thus more resistant to algae growth and the natural phenomenon of lime bloom. As opposed to site-mix sand and cement render, premixed silicone render technology has a far less chance for cracking.

Higher standards of finish.

Because the materials are machine applied, this means that the skilled plasterer spends the majority of his working time on the product. And that is ruling the wall level, shaving it back 100% flat, and Scratch floating an even and perfect finish. Conventionally, applying materials by hand can consume anywhere up to 50 percent of the working day. Against popular assumption, machine projection is also actually cleaner all-round.

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